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Undefeated Clothing @KICKZ

Undefeated is a distinctive brand of streetwear that often takes inspiration from sportswear. The label, whose Undefeated clothing is now worn around the world, was founded by James Bond and Eddy Cruz. The two of them managed a shoe store in Los Angeles from where they sold the Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1. To get their shop recognition, they designed and printed t-shirts, which they printed the logo Undefeated logo on. The tees quickly became an insider tip in the LA scene and they followed it up with more Undefeated clothing brandishing the logo or company name.

Undefeated designs in demand

Bond and Cruz were quick to see the potential of Undefeated clothing, although they never thought they would have this much success. They focused more and more on the design and through some spectacular collaborations Undefeated clothing soon got global attention. The two designed, amongst others, a new design for the Converse Poorman Weapon and worked together with David Beckham for Adidas Originals. They even designed t-shirts for the famous MVPuppets. Undefeated has developed an unmistakable style that has developed as one of the most aspiring streetwear brands. Undefeated clothing has now become an indispensable part of so many peoples’ wardrobes.