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Under Armour Sale @KICKZ

The KICKZ Under Armour sale provides some of the most technically advanced clothing for athletes from all sporting backgrounds. From the casual joggers to the all-weather competitors, Under Armour delivers a scientific solution to keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer months.

It all started out when Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank was a 23-year-old fullback at the University of Maryland. He grew tired of having sweat soaked t-shirts under his jersey and set out to make an alternative in his grandmother’s basement. He took inspiration from his compression shorts and created a training t-shirt using moisture-wicking synthetic fabric.

Soon the likes of Adidas, Nike and Reebok followed suit by making their own moisture-wicking synthetic fabric sports gear but Under Armour was already gaining massive attention in sports and sports fashion. A series of deals with the likes of Arizona State University and North Carolina State catapulted Under Armour into the limelight and before long the company was the respected in the sporting world that we know today.

For athletes by athletes - Under Armour sale

The KICKZ Under Armour sale is designed to offer something to all sports. The material itself is created to drive sweat and moisture away from skin and help regulate temperatures better. This technology makes Under Armour perfect for intensive outdoor sports in any climate and for tough, sweaty indoor athletics.

KICKZ understand that there are no boundaries when it comes to athletes wearing Under Armour and have responded with a huge stock of Under Armour sale items. You can expect to find trainers, base layers, bags, shorts, hoodies and t-shirts for great prices as part of the sale. Both men and women are sure to find the perfect items to help train all year round.