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Under Armour Clothing

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Under Armour Clothing by KICKZ

Under Armour is associated with quality functional sports clothing, shoes and accessories. The brand is known for its lightweight breathable products made from synthetic fibres instead of damp, heavy cotton. The market for functional sportswear has been revolutionised by Under Armour who have grown rapidly since their launch in 1996. With Under Armour clothing you can try it for yourself be wowed by the results.

Great Performance for Every Athlete

Whether a professional or not, Under Armour, whose slogan is ‘Protect This House’, is aimed at committed and performance-oriented athletes. Under Amour clothing produces basic essentials from only the best materials and to only the best performance quality. Representing great value for money is just another reason to choose Under Armour clothing. Back in the beginning Under Armour’s founder Kevin Plank was selling the brand out of his grandmother’s basement. Today’s headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland offer considerably more space. Under Amour clothing make up just a small part of their entire range as Under Armour now produces many different products for many different demands.