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Urban Classics Clothing @KICKZ

No wardrobe is complete without Urban Classics – the clothing items that serve as an absolute staple for all. Alongside Urban Classics clothing, this brand covers a range of clothing items that any trendsetter would need. Urban Classics clothing relies upon simple styles rather than flashy designs, so you won’t find huge lettering or in your face designs, which may be commonplace on other streetwear brands. In fact, even the brand’s own name or logo are rarely featured on the items. Therefore, the comfortable urban streetwear suits many different styles and can be matched with almost any jacket, shirt, or pair of pants. Urban Classics clothing comes in countless different colours and patterns, so that despite the lack of detail, you can still have fun and stand out.


Urban Classics designs are based on classic lines of clothing and all have simple yet impressive cuts. The designers place a special emphasis on feeling comfortable so that, with Urban Classic clothing, you can feel relaxed all day long. Only high-quality materials are used in Urban Classics clothing, such as extra fine cotton, which guarantees maximum comfort and easy maintenance. Straightforward, no frills streetwear is where Urban Classics excels, and we have a whole range for you here at KICKZ. Over time, the brand has steadily built up a solid reputation among more stylists, break-dancers, or hip-hoppers. Even without the use of big logos or designs, the style of Urban Classics is easily recognisable.