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Vans Sale @KICKZ

Originally designed specifically for skaters with a waffle design pattern on the sole, Vans are now worn by a massive range of people. Vans are perfect for casual styles and sport - making their fan base extensive. Although the brand has evolved a lot, there was a stage when Vans were almost only worn by skaters and there’s still a real sense of the skate and surf lifestyle with each item of Vans clothing.

Californian Skate Scene

Vans started out in California when two brothers decided to pool their resources and make shoes for skaters. At first, they had no products and made the shoes to demand. After a few initial sales of less than $5 a time, their reputation started to spread amongst the skate community and soon their name and logo could be seen across all the skate parks in the country. With the help of a handful of pros and sponsorship of the Warped Tour, Vans continued to grow globally. Their shoes are now world renowned for being one of the sturdiest available, have long been a skater’s fist pick and today this quality remains in every product. Check out KICKZ’ Vans sale for some of the most iconic skater clothing out there.

KICKZ Sale: Vans Skate and Surfwear

At KICKZ, we don’t believe that a sale should only be made up of unwanted, outdated clothes and so we offer current fashions but at great prices. You can expect to find Vans shoes for women, men and kids in tonnes of colourways and styles. We offer both classic low-tops as well as high-tops in our Vans sale and we’re sure there is something for everyone. Even those who have never got on a skateboard before are sure to find the perfect shoes.