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Wallets at KICKZ

Wallets are not just a practical accessory for carrying cash or credit cards, but also an important part of the whole outfit. Wallets are able to demonstrate their owner's taste, sense of style and status, for that reason the choice of this accessory should be treated thoroughly. There are different kinds of wallets: breast wallets, where the banknotes are not folded, bi-fold and tri-fold wallets, travel wallets and even shoe wallets, which can be attached to a shoe while you are training. You will definitely like our big selection of wallets if you are one of those who like staying active and at the same time fashionable.

How to find the best wallets

At the present time the choice of wallets is very large and varied: wallets for teenagers and for businessmen, sports and classical, simple and colourful. While buying the best wallet it is important to think not only about its shape or colour, but also about its functionality. First of all, ideal wallets must have enough space for credit cards, banknotes and coins. Secondly, the material has to have a good quality, so that your wallet will serve you well for years.

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