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Urban Classics women's clothing @KICKZ

Whether it’s for hiking the mountains or dominating the basketball court, speedily walking through the city or slowly wandering through the park – Urban Classics women’s clothing has all your necessities and preferences covered, and with style. Urban Classics women’s clothing is wide-ranging with a number of colors, prints and styles to suit your individuality in all its shapes and forms.

Jackets, hoodies, shirts, shorts, undergarments, training pants, caps – you pick the combination to suit your own desires and Urban Classics women’s clothing will deliver what you’re looking for. From chillingly cold winter mornings to toasty summer afternoons, crispy orange autumns to refreshing green springs, our range of Urban Classics clothing for women has a wide variety of options for all sorts of styles and seasons.

At KICKZ we have something for everyone, no matter what your personal hobby is. Athletes and streetwear fans can both find a home in Urban Classics women’s clothing. You can browse through your favorite categories or brands and find that next workout top, those next yoga pants, your next basketball shoes or that hat to chill in on your next visit to the beach or skate park. Wherever you’re headed, KICKZ and Urban Classics are headed there with you.