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Women's skate shoes @KICKZ

Women's skate shoes aren’t just a fashion item and skateboarding isn’t just a sport. All together it represents a statement of a young generation, a really hip way to come from one place to another and an attitude towards life. Surfers from the US invented skateboarding when they were trying to find an alternative to surfing, when there were no waves. Soon an industry evolved, because people needed the equipment for the new and trendy sport. Skate shoes are the most crucial gear, because they forge a unity and connect the skater and his board.

Conquer the street with skate shoes for women

At our online store you can find the best ladies' skate shoes from famous brands. We guarantee the finest quality of our products, so you can deliver your best performance. Hardflips, heelflips and kickflips - for skateboarders there seems to be no limit with the right gear. We are sure, that with KICKZ skate shoes for women, you can become a professional! The most crucial thing is to have a good traction, but it also has been important ever since the early beginning of the skating movement that the outfit looks cool. KICKZ doesn’t make compromises and offers only the finest gear so you can deliver your best performance on the street or in the skatepark.