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Wood Fellas @KICKZ

Wood Fellas is a German eyewear company, created and based in Munich. Founded by Jan Priepke and Stefan Muckenhirn, their vision was to create contemporary and fashionable optical and sunglasses that are handmade from wood. Drawing inspiration from their surroundings, Wood Fellas emulates Munich and the complimentary way natural and urban influences collide. Using real wood, such as mahogany, walnut, ebony and zebrano, Wood Fellas creates glasses that are practical, stylish and unique. Sourcing their materials from the excess wood of furniture manufacturers, Wood Fellas embraces the ideas of sustainability and environmental protection, ensuring no trees are cut down or wasted during the production of their lines.

Wood Fellas - Urban Eyewear

Using a core of ebony wood for their men’s range, and zebrano wood for their women’s range, thin slices of selected premium wood are then added in layers using a special bonding system. This creates a high-quality product that is durable and ideal for everyday use. As well as distinctive glasses, Wood Fellas also creates necklaces, rosaries, bracelets, headwear and watches in their trademark wooden style. KICKZ online features a range of their accessories for both men and women, so take a look, we are sure you will find something you love - knock on wood!