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The Evolution of Basketballshoes

If you like to take part in a sneaker conversation, you have to know this. The evolution of basketball shoes. Because the most popular lifestyle sneakers from today are the basketball shoes of the past.

Converse All-Star, Adidas Superstar, Puma Clyde, Nike Air Force 1… all these shoes were originally worn on the NBA parquett floor.

We have devided the history of basketball shoes into decades and show you the different shoes, that today are an essential part of lifestyle sneaker culture. Read and learn!

Basketball Schuhe aus den 60ern

60s - Converse rules!

The Converse All-Star aka Chuck Taylor is widely known as the first full-blooded basketball shoe ever. And even though its history can be traced back to 1917, the big on-court breakthrough came...

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Basketball Sneaker aus den 70ern

The 70s - Canvas

Basketball footwear experienced an explosion of diversity in the 1970s. Where only a couple of years before one single shoe ruled the NBA floor, the 70s brought new NBA stars with new basketball shoes.

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Basketball Schuhe aus den 80ern

The 80s - MJ rising!

The curtain rises for Michael Jordan! His Airness stepped into the NBA spotlight in the 1980s and changed basketball forever. Not only did his style of play revolutionize the game, an unprecedented mix...

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Basketball Schuhe aus den 90ern

90s - Nike Innovation

The next generation of NBA stars also meant the next wave of basketball shoes. While Michael Jordan still dominated the basketball and the shoe world and wore arguably the most coveted...

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Basketball Sneaker aus den 2000ern

The 2000s - Signature

2008 was quite a special year for basketball. The Boston Celtics won the Championship after a 22-year long drought. The Redeem Team, consisting of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and...

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Basketball Schuhe von heute

Today - The Innovations

“Could u wake me up at 7:00 and could u leave me a couple of dollars. P.S. Keep this paper. Imma be a star!“, wrote James Harden on a note to his mom back in the days. Teenager Harden with dreams and...

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