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Dear Ballers,

we are here for you just like before COVID-19. and online shops are both up and running. Depending on your location there might be a slight delay in shipment. Maybe a day or two. Nothing too dramatic.

Stay safe!

Keep ballin'. At home.

Frequently asked questions about the Covid-19 situation:

Can I order in your online shop or are there any changes due to the current situation?

Both KICKZ and KICKZPREMIUM online services are working undeterred. All orders are being processed and handed over to our shipment partner like before.

I can't reach your customer service. What can I do?

Like most KICKZ employees our customer service agents are currently working from home. If you would like to get in touch with them you can use e-mail E-Mail ( and Facebook.

I have not yet received an answer to my email. Is that normal?

Replies can be delayed at the moment but we will get to every e-mail. To fasten up the process it would be helpful if all inquiries or are made under the same ticketnumber. Thank you for your understanding.

Is it possible to have minimal contact with the person who is delivering my package?

Yes. Both our logistics partners (DHL and UPS) require their drivers to take safety precautions and deliver their parcels while remaining at a safe distance. There will be no 'hand-over'. Instead the driver will put the parcel on your doorstep, ring the bell and step back. In most cases signatures are no longer required if proper identification has been established.

Are you still shipping to France and Spain?

Yes, we are. However there are exceptions. Please check the UPS page for futher details.