Signature SHOES


KING JAMES | DEC 30. 1984 | POS: SF | NO: 23 | SEASONS: 13 | PTS: 26,2 PPG | REB: 7,9 RPG | AST: 8,3 APG

Lebron Shoes

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 SFG

The wait is finally over, because King James made the impossible possible! He presented Cleveland and his Cavs the long overdue championship. LeBron played superhuman in last year‘s playoffs, single-handedly sweeping-away opponents round after round. On his feet: the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 SFG! Eye-catching like no other performance shoe – three straps, a mesh upper without lacing and the Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel for bouncy cushioning. Its looks make the Soldier a deathly weapon. „Strive for Greatness“ with the kinglike signature shoe!

Lebron Shoes


Signature shoe number 14! LeBron James is not only the king of the NBA, but the king of the basketball sneaker scene as well. None other player has currently TWO brilliant shoe-lines at the same time to offer. In comparison to the Soldier, the Nike LeBron XIV has several essential differences though. The signature shoe comes with only one – Swoosh branded – strap and a way shorter cut than previous performance weapons of the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. The entire outsole consists of maximum volume Zoom Air units. The seamless upper deserves only the best as well: Nike’s latest engineered laser perforation. James debuted the XIV on last year’s Christmas Day against the Golden State Warriors – let’s see if LeBron James and his brand new shoe will be crowned king in this year’s NBA Finals (against the Warriors?)!


WESTBEAST, BRODIE, MR. TRIPLE-DOUBLE | NOV 12. 1988 | POS: PG | NO: 0 | SEASONS: 8 | PTS: 31,6 PPG | REB: 10,7 RPG | AST: 10,4 APG

Westbrook Shoes

Air Jordan XXXI

Don’t hate on the brodie, 'cause he’s got the freshest kicks. Russell Westbrook’s season is beyond words - the same applies for his odd fashion taste every now and then. In the Players Exclusive of the Air Jordan XXXI, the fashion god cuts quite a figure on and off court though. Obviously, since the number 31 of the Jumpman-line is literally THE homage par excellence. Classic Air Jordan design meets innovation here! While the Jordan features a combination of Swoosh with Jumpman- and Wings-logo as well as the typical silhouette of the AJ1 as a model, it is furthermore equipped with Flyweave- and FlighSpeed-Technology plus Zoom Air Cushioning. Not without good reason is this AJ one of the most-worn performance sneakers on all NBA courts at the moment.


UNCLE DREW | MAR 23. 1992 | POS: G | NO: 2 | SEASONS: 5 | PTS: 24,5 PPG | REB: 3,4 RPG | AST: 5,6 APG

Kyrie Shoes

Nike Kyrie 3

Hot, hotter, Kyrie Irving. Best ball handling in the league, legendary ankle breakers and historic game winners - this guy is unstoppable. And right off the bat, he ups the ante: The release of the Nike Kyrie 3 takes his signature shoe line with Nike to another level. Suiting Uncle Drew’s fast and agile game, the third Kyrie is equipped with additional features that enable razor-sharp cuts and a fast, fluid play. Rounded sole, flywire technology as well as a low-profile and responsive Nike Zoom Air cushioning combined for a devastating dominance on court.


BLACK MAMBA | AUG 23. 1978 | POS: G | NO: 24 | SEASONS: 20 | PTS: 33.583 (25,0 PPG) | REB: 7.047 (5,2 RPG) | AST: 6.306 (4,7 APG)

Kobe Shoes

Nike Kobe A.D.

Kobe Bryant hung up his basketball shoes after 20 years of balling in the league. Even if the Black Mamba will be missed on the big courts of the NBA this season, his signature line lives on. Continuing the numbering wouldn’t be proper, something new had to be created! Thus, the Nike Design-Team just did it: the Nike Kobe A.D.! Zoom Air and Lunarlon survived, work together more efficiently than ever and offer a technological outstanding, visually clean basketball shoe. Even off duty, the Black Mamba knows how to satisfy and steal the show.


KD, DURANTULA | SEP 29. 1988 | POS: SF | NO: 35 | SEASONS: 9 | PTS: 28,2 PPG | REB: 8,2 RPG | AST: 5 APG

KD Shoes

Nike Zoom KD 9

No other topic has dominated the NBA summer break the same way the departure of Kevin Durant did. OKC made way for GSW, the Thunder turned into a Warrior. But KD stays the same, his last stats showed that despite the change of location – or actually because of it – he is still one of the best ballers on the planet. A great player needs a great signature shoe! Thus, Nike proudly presents the Nike Zoom KD 9 for versatile play. Brakes, Cuts, Pull-ups – no problem for KD’s silver bullet featuring Max Zoom Air cushioning, a sock-like Flyknit forefoot and multidirectional traction pattern.


PAYNE TRAIN | FEB 19. 1991 | POS: PF | NO: 33 | SEASONS: 2 | PTS: 4,8 PPG | REB: 1,8 RPG

Payne Shoes

K1X Anti Gravity

Worldwide established, K1X’s Anti Gravity has come a long way. Ballers around the globe have been seen in the iconic, monochrome sneaker. Everybody knows to appreciate the great performance-features, starting with thick padding for comfort and optimal fit, a padded mesh tongue for breathability and an innovative forefoot area for flexible and increased vertical. The optimized sole, made for fast movements without injury risks, is committed to the mantra: pure performance! The Anti-Gravity easily adapts to either a pick-up game or an intense battle on the court. #nevernotballin


CP3 | MAY 06. 1985 | POS: G | NO: 3 | SEASONS: 11 | PTS: 19,5 PPG | REB: 4,2 RPG | AST: 10 APG

CP3 Shoes

Jordan CP3.X

How time flies! Chris Paul has been dominating the Point-Guard-Elite of the NBA for over 12 years now. There have been only a few playmakers who could compete with the Clippers’ guard the last seasons. The CP3.X, already his tenth model, is one hell of a signature shoe by Jordan Brand. The jewel of the sneaker is its performance woven upper, which ensures comfort, breathability and stability. The TPU cage is visually as well as technically the absolute highlight. A rubber outsole, a Phylon middlesole, nine chambers of Zoom Air and an ultra-responsive cushioning for a fast, dynamic play make the CP3.X as effective as never before.


MELO | MAY 29. 1984 | POS: SF | NO: 7 | SEASONS: 13 | PTS: 21,9 PPG | REB: 6,1 RPG | AST: 3,1 APG

Melo Shoes

Melo M13

Carmelo Anthony debuted his Melo M13 on Christmas Day, one of the must-watch NBA games of the season. He couldn’t have picked a better time to introduce his signature-model. All eyes were set on the Knicks’ Small Forward and his performance shoe. Fair enough since its mesh-upper with a Polyurethan-cage is a true head-turner. The Zoom Air in the forefoot perfectly works together with the FlightSpeed technology and offers ideal reactive cushioning.


JAN 06. 1990 | POS: SG | NO: 6 | SEASONS: 2 | PTS: 14,1 PPG | REB: 3,5 RPG | AST: 2,5 APG

AND1 Aqua Low

Brooklyn Nets’ guard Sean Kilpatrick is Team AND1’s latest addition. The New York native is another fighter, who possesses the necessary AND1-DNA in his baller veins. The brand is basketball to the core: hard work and dominance in the game are reflected in its corporate philosophy as well as in the character trait of Kilpatrick. Even 25 years later, AND1 is one of the streetball brands par excellence. #nevernotballin


THE BEARD | AUG 26. 1989 | POS: G | NO: 13 | SEASONS: 7 | PTS: 29,0 PPG | REB: 6,1 RPG | AST: 7,5 APG

adidas Harden Vol.1

The incredible gala of James Harden. This would be the perfect title of The Beards’ current season, which stands out with dozens of historic highlights. adidas helped Harden to even reach another level: the adidas Harden Vol.1! Equipped with Boost, weaved knit-upper and a leathern toe-box, the signature shoe offers an extraordinary look and satisfies as one hell of a performance weapon. On court as well as off court, Harden and his sneaker have true star potential!


DAME, DAME D.O.L.L.A | JULY 15. 1990 | POS: G | NO: 0 | SEASONS: 4 | PTS: 25,1 PPG | REB: 4,0 RPG | AST: 6,8 APG

adidas DAME 3

D Lillard and adidas have shown sincere commitment to the DAME 3. The third signature shoe of the Point Guard of the Trail Blazers combines state-of-the-art design elements and storytelling per se. Seldom has a shoe been given such great attention to details. In addition to small but powerful features, the Three Stripes show that they have been on the fast track for a while: Bounce Cushioning, seamless FUSEDMESH upper and an individual lacing system help Dame D.O.L.L.A. to his tough game. NBA superstar, music career and another great signature shoe, hats off!


D-ROSE, WINDY CITY ASSASSIN, POOHDINI | OCT 04. 1988 | POS: SG | NO: 25 | SEASONS: 7 | PTS: 17,7 PPG | REB: 3,9 RPG | AST: 4,5 APG

adidas D Rose 7

Nowadays, Derrick Rose is better known for his injuries than for his stunning performance on court. After being traded to the NY Knicks, it is about time that D-Rose returns to action and finds his way back to his former self. adidas has helped him to ease this process. They equipped Rose with one of the best shoes possible: the D Rose 7! What a beast – the signature sneaker has everything D Rose might need to get back to the top: Boost-Technology along the entire silhouette for a reactive and effective cushioning. Breathable PrimeKnit upper for the necessary support. Additional panels on heel and midfoot for lockdown and stability. Thanks to the D Rose 7, Poohdini can finally perform magic on the court again – the explosive cut to the rim is certainly still one of his specialties.


BABY-FACED ASSASSIN, CHEF CURRY | MAR 14. 1988 | POS: PG | NO: 30 | SEASONS: 7 | PTS: 24,7 PPG | REB: 4,3 RPG | AST: 6,4 APG

Under Armour Curry 3

One fast first step, abrupt cuts - both belong to Curry’s game just like the obligatory three-pointer of the SC30. Thanks to Under Armour’s latest stroke of genius is the Human Torch well equipped once again. Inspired by light and flexible materials of a parachute, the Threadborne Upper of the Under Armour Curry 3 provides lightweight support. Additionally, UA uses Anafoam, a material which has already appeared on the Curry 1, and combines comfortable fit with little weight and support. Revenge has never tasted that sweet with Chef Curry’s latest signature shoe. Let’s see what the Human Torch has to offer these playoffs!


PG13 | MAY 2. 1990 | POS: SF | NO: 13 | SEASONS: 6 | PTS: 22,1 PPG | REB: 6,2 RPG | AST: 3,3 APG

Paul George
Paul George Shoes

Nike PG 1

Everybody knows that Paul George is the model-athlete par excellence. The Small Forward of the Indiana Pacers pushes himself to the limit on court and lives without any scandals off court. Little is public about his private life. This changes at least a small bit with George’s first own signature shoe. The performance machine is called Nike PG 1 and has only the best to offer: full-bootie construction delivering a snug, 1-to-1 fit; a forefoot strap with Flywire technology loop system providing adaptive support; a Zoom Air unit under the forefoot plus a sockliner providing responsive cushioning. The materials of the upper range from mesh to suede to fish scale optics. Some small but very personal details make the look of the shoe as impressive as Paul George’s game.