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Toronto Raptors at

Toronto Raptors

  • Founded: 1995
  • |
  • History: Toronto Raptors (1995-today)
  • |
  • Team Colors: Red, Black, Silver, Gold, White
  • |
  • Arena: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • |
  • Championships: 0
  • |
  • Head Coach: Nick Nurse
  • |
  • Arrivals: Marc Gasol, Jeremy Lin, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard
  • |
  • Departures: Greg Monroe, Jonas Valanciunas, DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, C.J. Miles, Delon Wright
  • |
  • Rookies: -
  • |
  • Key Players: Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol, Pascal Siakam
  • |
  • Franchise GOAT: Vince Carter


Position Name Number Height Weight Date of Birth School
Guard Lowry, Kyle 7 1,83 m 93 kg 25.03.1986 Villanova
Guard Lin, Jeremy 17 1,91 m 91 kg 23.08.1988 Harvard
Guard VanFleet, Fred 23 1,83 m 88 kg 25.02.1994 Wichita State
Guard McCaw, Patrick 1 2,01 m 84 kg 25.10.1995 UNLV
Guard Lloyd, Jordan 8 1,93 m 95 kg 27.07.1993 Indianapolis
Guard/Forward Green, Danny 14 1,98 m 98 kg 22.06.1987 North Carolina
Guard/Forward Powell, Norman 24 1,93 m 98 kg 25.05.1993 UCLA
Forward Leonard, Kawhi 2 2,01 m 104 kg 29.06.1991 San Diego State
Forward Siakam, Pascal 43 2,06 m 104 kg 02.04.1991 New Mexico State
Forward Anunoby, OG 3 2,03 m 107 kg 17.07.1997 Indiana
Forward Boucher, Chris 25 2,08 m 91 kg 11.01.1993 Oregon
Forward Miller, Malcolm 13 2,01 m 95 kg 06.03.1993 Holy Cross
Forward/Center Ibaka, Serge 9 2,08 m 107 kg 18.09.1989 Republic of Congo
Forward/Center Moreland, Eric 15 2,08 m 108 kg 24.12.1991 Oregon State
Center Gasol, Marc 33 2,16 m 116 kg 29.01.1985 Spain

The North remembers

LeBron James is no longer playing in the Eastern Conference. That alone should give the Toronto Raptors confidence for this year's playoffs. Each time the Raptors were eliminated from the post season in the last 10 years it came at the hands of 'King James'. That will definitely change this season.

With the addition of Marc Gasol and Kawhi Leonard the Raptors have made it clear that they are serious about making a run at the championship now rather than later. And even though both Gasol and Leonard may use their player options this summer and leave Toronto empty-handed, the Raptors are willing to take that chance for a shot at the title.

So how good are the Raptors really? In our opinion pretty damn good. Of all the Eastern Conference contenders they have probably the best roster and the most experience. With Leonard and Gasol they also have two proven franchise caliber players who are thirsty for a championship ring in a conference that is theirs for the taking.

The Claw


Trading DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard was a gutsy move. If Leonard uses his player option the 27-year-old forward will be a free agent this summer. Because he categorically rejected a premature renewal of contract the Canadians run the risk of losing him for nothing should Leonard decide to walk.

Granted, Kawhi seems to like it in Toronto and the farther the Raptors advance in the playoffs the better the chances he will stay put. If Leonard wants to build a championship legacy the Raptors are his best bet anyway. At least in the East.

Is 'The Claw' the best player in the East? Giannis Antetokounmpo would strongly disagree, but we are willing to give Kawhi a slight edge over the 'Greek Freak' because of his extensive playoff and finals experience. His outside shooting is also more reliable than that of Giannis' who is depending a lot on his unbelievable athleticism.


Kawhi Leonard


Kyle Lowry


Marc Gasol


Pascal Siakam


Fred VanFleet


Danny Green


If you look hard enough for a team's weakness you will surely find it. In Toronto's case it could be the top heavy roster. Almost all of the Raptors production comes out of the front court manned by Leonard, Ibaka, Siakam and Gasol. The backcourt which was Toronto's strength just last year and one of the league's best could potentially become a source of trouble this post season.

With point guard Kyle Lowry running point, the Raptors have one experienced playmaker who distributes the ball to the high powered frontcourt with ease. But once Lowry sits there's a question if the Raps have the depth and talent on the guard positions to initiate the offense against pressure consistently. Ibaka, Siakam and Gasol are good players but they are not exactly known for putting the ball on the floor. They depend on the guards to get the ball to them. Backups VanFleet and Lin are solid and sometimes great, but can they be relied on a nightly basis?

Leonard on the other hand is offensively highly versatile and defensively still a one-man wrecking crew capable of disrupting the opponent's offense all by himself. The Raptors will only go as far as the 27-year-old wing player can carry them. We think that could mean the first NBA Finals in Toronto's history.

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