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If you are looking to make heads turn with your fashion choice look no further than … Indonesia. That’s right, up and coming brand Devá States hails straight from Jakarta and is out to show the world that New York, Paris, Milan & London are nothing more than dots on a map. True fashion comes from the heart not a place and Devá States might just have the biggest heart of all.

Founded in late 2015 this new label quickly made headlines with their unusual approach to fashion. Strong references to punk, the internet and youth culture put Devá States on a direct collision course with all established, high brow labels on the market. Wild and bold statements mixed with clear apparel designs and colors have made Devá into somewhat of a streetwear dark horse.

This is a brand for those who love to stand out. Due to their exotic origin and very exclusive distribution you will definitely not see a lot of Devá State pieces out there. At KICKZ we are proud to be one of the very few stores to have Devá State in their brand line-up. No doubt this is the label to watch in the future.