mitchell and ness NBA HWC Team Logo Satin Chicago Bulls Jacket

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material: 100% polyester
Brand SKU::  BA583P-CBU-K-G0Z-2XL
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mitchell and ness NBA HWC Team Logo Satin Chicago Bulls Jacket
material: 100% polyester
Satin Jacket

Brand information: mitchell and ness

The sportswear brand Mitchell & Ness first opened its doors 1904 in Philadelphia. The founder, Frank P. Mitchell, a former tennis and wrestling champion and Charles M. Ness golf fanatic, had the love of sports already in the blood. Initially the company specialized in tennis rackets and golf clubs. But soon it was working for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL and has secured exclusive licenses for the Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and National Hockey League. For this leagues Mitchell & Ness produces jackets, jerseys and caps.

Mitchell & Ness - Authentic Sports Apparel

From the beginning, Mitchell & Ness accompanied the triumph of sportswear and has a cult value. Quite rightly, the house now focused on authentic retro styles and produces well-tried and successful jerseys, jackets and caps. Trends come and go, but Mitchell & Ness remains true to its style and is aimed primarily at an audience: the true sports enthusiast. The company also holds the exclusive rights for the production of the authentic Michael Jordan jersey. The veteran of sports apparel, Mitchell & Ness, is the perfect choice for collectors and experts.