Down since Day 1 - 25 Years of Badass Basketball & K1X since 1993

“Down since Day 1 like kindergarten”. Both KICKZ and K1X were born in 1993 and grew up alongside each other during the golden era of hip hop and basketball. 25 years later, it’s time for a toast!

In tune with their #playhard credo, K1X has created a limited collection of goods, exclusively for in celebration of their common anniversary and heritage: full-throttle basketball lifestyle that runs a quarter of a century deep.

The capsule’s design depicts good times via a cartoonish basketball en route to “cannonball" thru the net - alongside of low-tech fonts that radiate a nostalgia reminiscent of old school handyman vans. The dusty “bistro green” cotton fabric featured in several apparel products pays homage to the unique color of the park signs found at many of New York’s basketball playgrounds.

The "Day 1” campaign is spearheaded by got-next trap artist, 19 year old Jay Critch (The new New York” - Fader), who released his debut “Hood Favorite” earlier this month. The looks also feature some of K1X and’s nearest and dearest, incl. Bamba (favorite DJ), Sven (shop keeper at the original KICKZ store in Munich, Germany), Juju (K1X Tracks radio host), Tith (creative director, KICKZ), Niels (go-to guy, K1X) and other friends and heads who are involved in the shared legacy.


Owned and operated by ballplayers to this day, K1X was founded in 1993, alongside K1X is the result of a deep infatuation with all things basketball and hip hop during the 90s, when the game was raw like sushi and the beats were hard like two day old shit.

From the Detroit Bad Boys to the Michigan Fab Five. From N.W.A. to A Tribe Called Quest. The golden era was a time for pioneers - on the hardwood as well as on vinyl. In this decade basketball was K1X’ girlfriend.

Geeking out over the NBA’s weekly Top 10 plays and reenacting the heroics of Mike, Chuck and The Reignman on the local playground court.


The online and in-store release in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich Monaco of the capsule is set for Saturday, November 17th. The launch is backed by late-night anniversary festivities in collaboration with Berlin’s notorious “Trap or Die” ensemble and live performances by artist Jay Critch in Munich at Bob Beaman Music Club on 16.11.18 and in Hamburg at Yoko on 24.11.18.

Day 1 sports cap, tee, crewneck and sweatpants by K1X are available exclusively at

Celebrating 25 years of badass basketball.

#NeverNotBallin #playhard