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kickz - our story
for 40.000 years mankind has been wearing shoes. but only for 16 years it looked good too. until 1993 munich's population had to wear pieces of fur bound to their feet, birkenstocks or cowboyboots. then the kickz store opened and things have never been the same.

from the munich underground (at least the subway is close by) kickz-boss christian grosse dealt with dope from adidas, nike, and1 or jordan. people from near and far not only came for the exclusive rarities in the shelves, but also for the sales people who didn't know anything about looking reputable but everything there was to know about sneakers. in 1998 kickz began selling their goods over the internet as one of the first streetwear-shops and launched but not only in virtual reality but also on the street did christian grosse beef up the kickz empire. he opened another store and another, and - bam! - raised up the largest shoeshelf in the whole town. take that!

stuff from kickz was being sought after like nothing else and slowly they began to seek world domination. not least through their own label k1x, which by now is being sold almost everywhere around the globe. in germany and usa alone countless k1x items are pushed over the counters of our retailers every day. since 2009 even the ladies can now get their style on wearing k1x shorty. and how does the kickz story end? it doesn't. kickz is growing and growing. right now we have four stores in munich and more stores are located in berlin, pforzheim, villingen-schwenningen, schweinfurt & augsburg respectively. further branches are being planned. in addition we serve over 300.000 registered customers via and send out over 20.000 packages to the best dressed people around. thank you for your loyalty!

your kickz-team