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Lifted Research Group, more commonly known as LRG, was founded in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright in Orange County, California. Influenced by the street, surf and skate cultures that were beginning to gain popularity at the time, Bevacqua and Wright wanted to design clothing that reflected their passions. LRG not only wanted to make clothing however, they wanted to make noise. Focused on making a change to public sentiment, their clothing features environmental motifs and thought provoking messages intended to "overthrow the masses”.

LRG - for the above average

Not just a fashion brand, LRG is also involved in the promotion of underground recording artists, skateboarders and industry up and comers. Pitching themselves as support for independent and underground cultures, LRG engages in social, sporting and artistic movements that are not yet in the mainstream spotlight. Their unique attitude is reflected in their collections, many of which feature bold designs, unique colourways and patterns, textured materials and stylish silhouettes. They approach fashion in the same way they approach all else, by leading not following. Their slogan is simple, "underground inventive, overground effective”. At KICKZ, we feature a wide range of LRG apparel from hoodies to hats and more. Find something that speaks both to, and for you in our LRG collection.