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Puma Clothing

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Puma Clothing by KICKZ

The sportswear company Puma has long since mastered the recipe for success. It is based around innovative ideas about lifestyle products and has brought us a whole range of Puma clothing. It all started in 1924 when the German brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler produced their first pair of shoes in their mother’s utility room. They tailored their shoes towards the needs of their athletes and already in 1936 they had their first great success when Jesse Owen wore their shoes as he went on to win 4 times gold at the Berlin Olympics that summer. However following an argument a few years later, the brothers went their separate ways. In 1948 Rudolf Dassler founded Puma, which over time established itself in many different sports with its impressive range Puma clothing.

Where sport meets lifestyle

At the end of the 90s Puma set the course the new millennium. Puma clothing set up a collaboration with none other than the famous German fashion designer Jil Sander, in what became the first partnership between a sporting goods company and a fashion designer. Since then, the brand has been known not only for its Puma clothing but also for its extravagant lifestyle products. Many of the successful classic designs from the 60s and 70s were brought back and Puma has now developed into an absolute classic brand which is known and seen across the globe.