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Levi’s clothing for women

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Levi’s clothing for women by KICKZ

The history of women’s Levi’s goes back to the history of the American West where women worked in incredibly tough conditions and would have to work the land alongside their husbands or brothers. Women would borrow jeans from their male family members but Levi’s recognised that it wasn’t just men who needed some hardy clothes to hold out on the ranches and, in the early 30s released their first range of jeans for women called lot number 701.

Levi’s women’s clothing began to get increasingly popular throughout the 30s to the 60s but it was the swinging 60s where popularity truly exploded. The Cultural Revolution changed everything; jeans became part of the uniform for revolution for both men and women and Levi’s released new items to accommodate for the growing demand. The revolution continued through the 70s and Levi’s responded with the Flares and Bellbottoms, a style of clothing that embodied a generation.
Today, Levi’s are one of the top selling brands for women’s jeans and clothing in general. And most important of all: it shows no sign of going out of fashion in the near future.