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Nike clothing for women

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Nike clothing for women by KICKZ

Nike’s women’s clothing is at the very core of the brand – even the name Nike came from the Greek goddess of victory. Over the years, Nike has lived up to its namesake and has created clothing and sports gear for countless female athletes in pretty much every sport imaginable. From day one when Nike was still "Blue Ribbon Sports”, the company was always oriented towards women; even the famous Swoosh was invented by Carolyn Davidson a graphic designer studying at Portland State University.

Towards the end of the 1970s Nike Women was started as a business focus and their advertising campaigns began with the Lady Waffle Trainer. One year later Nike noticed a group of female runners that were fighting for women to be allowed to compete in the Olympic Marathon and decided to fund the group and help them promote their cause. A few years later the women’s 3000 m was introduced into the 1984 games and Nike showed their support with two adverts, one that said "The Olympics Will Never Be the Same” and another that simply said: "Finally!”

Along the way, Nike have been a major part of sports movements like aerobics, have supported ad sponsored numerous female athletes, designed clothing and trainers just for women like the Thea and created campaigns celebrating women in sport.