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Various women's hats for every taste

Do you know how many types of hats for women are there? Around 30! Caps, beanies, berets, fedoras, cowboy hats, panamas - just choose the one you like more! Hats are a very practical and stylish accessory, because it not only gives your appearance a finished look, but also protects your head from sun, rain or cold. That's why people usually spend a lot of time on choosing it. We suggest you to have a look at our immense selection of women's hats to suit every taste and budget: vivid and plain, made of felt, straw or textile, sophisticated and simple ones.

Small tips on choosing hats for women

If you are looking for an ideal hat, it is important to find the one which will suit your hair colour, face shape and even height. For example, tall people can select large women's hats with wide brims (but not wider than shoulders!), and small people should opt for neater hats. Stylists traditionally advise to select the colour of this accessory so that it would match the colour of your overall outfit. But, first of all, you should ask yourself "What kind of look do I want to achieve?”. If you already know the answer, your hat is waiting for you!